It’s all about taking responsibility

We think that packages should be just like all the other wrappings found in nature - protective and environmentally friendly.
That is why we created Skalax®  - a sustainable barrier for food packaging.

How it's done

Traditionally, such product categories as crisps, spices and juice have required packaging made from aluminium and plastics – materials drawn from non-renewable sources and which nature cannot break down on her own.

At last, an environmentally friendly alternative is now available. Skalax is a renewable and biodegradable material, which at the same time satisfies the high demands on performance. In fact, it is not all that complicated; we simply take advantage of the husk.

This is how it works

When the grain is harvested, husked and sent off to be used in the production of food, we make use of what is left over of the grain, namely, the husk.

We extract from the husk one of the most common carbohydrates, xylan.

We use additives in order to tailor the characteristics for various fields of use. The result is what we call Skalax.

The material is supplied to paper mills or to packaging material manufacturers. There it is mixed with water, and the resulting slurry is then coated onto cardboard or paper and dried.

The packaging material is thus closed so that oxygen, fats and mineral oils are kept out. As opposed to traditional packaging materials, such as aluminium and fossil based plastics, Skalax is renewable and biodegradable.

Once on the store shelf, Skalax again serves as a husk surrounding and protecting what is inside. It is quite simply natural.

Made in Sweden

Xylophane is a Swedish company and the Skalax® technology has been developed in Sweden.

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